Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Painting the Endor poncho

So the paints for my Endor poncho arrived today, so I got to painting it straight away. For the paints I used Fosco DDR green, Fosco Pale green, Fosco desert and Fosco Mud brown.

Now the paints stink and can get quite messy, so I didn't want to do it inside my flat. I went out into the parking lot outside my house and hung the poncho in a shrubbery. I got a few funny looks while I was working, especially from an older man..

The poncho has camo paint both on the inside and outside, so I started with turning it inside out and spray the inside. I first put on a base layer of the DDR green, then I added the Mud Brown, Desert and finally the Pale green over everything at the end. Then I turned it back and went over it in the same order. After the first layers I also put yet another layer of DDR green and more Pale green. I actually emptied both bottles of green, I would have liked to get even more paint on the inside and might add more in the future.

Then I went inside and now it's drying in my bathroom, with the fan there and in the kitchen going for full, but I can definitely feel the fumes.

My advice if you want to do this is:'
Make sure to be in a well-ventilated area (outside is great)
Buy more paint than you think you need
Remember to buy paint removal, or wear gloves. I forgot and now my fingers have an interesting green colour even after a lot of scrubbing.

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