Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas with the Skywalkers

One dark December night the whole family had gathered for the traditional holiday photo. This time it was going to be the whole family so Luke had brought his girlfriend and Leia had brought her boyfriend, who had also insisted in bringing his dog, or wookiee has he called it, with him. To be on the safe side they had also brought one of mother's bodyguards.

It started out really nice. All smiles and happiness. Then father might have made a comment about the problems trying to finance a new Death Star, since somebody had blown up the last one. The boys just stood there, smiling very innocently, while mother started to argue with father about the appropriate discussion subjects at family gatherings. As seen by Leia's face it wasn't the first time she had heard that discussion,

Father had also heard this before, and ebates had never been his favorite thing. At that time he started to realize that there might be positives with a body double in the household, something that Luke really didn't like. It was at this moment that Han and Leia started to wonder what had happened with the wookiee.

Luke felt that father started to go a bit far with mother's handmaiden, and draw his lightsabre, only to be thwarted when his girlfriend decided to defend the Empire's best commander. Mara on her side was suddenly attacked by the wookiee. When Han tried to say that nobody could expect him to look after Chewie, after all wookiees are intelligent and independent creatures, Leia got really angry. With tempers flaring it seemed only father was happy with the situation.

As told by Björn (Han), Anna (Leia), Janne (Chewie), Lora (handmaiden), Johanna (Amidala), Jenny (Mara Jade) and Tommi (Luke) from Nordic Base and Tommi (Vader) from Nordic Garrison.

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