Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Recap of 2014

It's time to look back at what I created in 2014. I can clearly say that this has been my most productive year ever when it comes to sewing, and I think a large part has been the Historical Sew Fortnightly. Not only have the challenges made me inspired to do things, but seeing and reading all about what other people are doing has made me inspired to keep on sewing.

Originally my plans for 2014, according to this post, were

Major projects
The 1787 Revolutionary
The Gold Handmaiden

Female Tusken

Winter Celchu
 18th century wool jacket

Touch ups
Classic Princess Leia white gown
Corset for the Can Can trooper
Trim the navy robe à la anglaise

So what did I actually do

Major projects
I did finish the 1787 Revolutionary.
That in turn included a new pair of stays, the gaulle, the cap, the hat, the shoes, the waistcoat and the redingote.

My second major project came as a big surprise when my sister asked me to make her wedding gown.

The wedding also meant that I made a corset, skirt and a shrug for myself, and when I was invited for a ball I matched the corset and shrug with a late Victorian/Edwardian petticoat and skirt.

I also made an 1830s ensemble that has turned out to be the most worn thing I've made, up until now three of use have worn it for time travel, Christmas fair and Lucia celebrations at Falun Mine.
If those were my major projects, I got quite a few smaller things done as well. For Star Wars projects

Star Wars
Princess Leia's Endor poncho
Classic Princess Leia senatorial gown.

Historical projects
Trimming the navy robe anglaise
a set of sleeve ruffles,
a reticule
a small bergere hat.
a 1930's belt
1950's Christmas skirt

Everyday wear
the UFO skirt
The 1940's skirt

Gold Handmaiden - At least I started it in the last days of the year
Tusken Female
Queen Elsa Coronation gown - a small project that snowballed into something a lot bigger, and now I want to start almost all over before continuing.

All in all I think I've done a lot of things and I'm very satisfied with my productivity. I also think that I have developed my skills a lot this year. The main thing is that I have started to make my own patterns. I still haven't gotten the hang of sleeves, but I feel a lot more confident in creating bodice and skirt patterns. I've also started to flatline my pieces, and realized what a difference that makes. All in all both my increased pattern skills and the flatlining has given my pieces a much more professional look than previous. The third thing that I'm taking with me for coming projects is that I can actually sew garments by hand, and I don't need to be afraid that they are going to fall apart. I now feel that it's soon time for me to actually make a whole project by hand, but we will see when that happens.

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