Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My new Rebel Legion signature

I just wanted to show off my new signature banner that I'm using over at the Nordic Legions forum, and of course the main Rebel Legion forum. I needed a new banner since I'm now Base Membership Officer (BMO) and I also wanted to show more of my costumes. These are the main costumes that I'm trooping in at the moment, except the blue Tattooine Padmé one, but that photo is so nice that I like to use it anyway. It's also interesting to see that the photos used, and where I'm not wearing a wig/veil/hood has me as brownhaired, redhead and blonde if you look carefully. That's of course is a reason why I'm using wigs nowadays, since I like to be able to dye my hair.

I will wait a bit with a con report from the Stockholm convention, I hardly took any pictures myself so I need to wait until other people upload theirs, but here's a teaser at least.

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