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Con report, SSGFC Stockholm, November 29

I hadn't really planned on going to this con, after all I trooped at Comic-Con and felt that it might be nice to have a weekend off. Well then we realised that my nephew has outgrown me, and that means that he can't wear the jawa costume much more, and I had promised to let him come with me to a con. Thanks to my very nice sister and brother-in-law we came up with a solution that meant that they drove me and the nephew to Stockholm, spent the day doing some Christmas shopping, and then drove us back to Falun again. In hindsight I'm very happy about this, because I had a lot of fun. It meant that I was only there for one day, so this is just about the trooping on Saturday.

The Nordic Legions' stand was one of the main attractions at the con, as usual.

Behind the scenes a few of us rebels had decided to bring cookies and candy, I supplied the saffron cookies and the homemade energy bars.
First thing I did was to show the nephew around, and then help him get dressed in the jawa costume. I also dressed up in my Endor trooper. In this video you can see our first parade, it's just a glimpse of me but the nephew gets some screen time.

I didn't manage to find any photos of the big group, but after the main photo some of us rebels decided to have some fun and take Christmas-themed photos.
 I will post more about my lovely impersonation of a Christmas tree, closer to Christmas. Then it was time to switch costume, because I was scheduled to be in the photostand as Endor Leia. Compared to Vader an Endor Leia and two bikers don't attract a lot of people though. I had rebraided my wig for Endor Leia, and tried to make the braids that I put on the crown of the head longer. I think it worked ok, but I want to make them fatter, which might be solved by just putting the leather ribbon on them.
As seen in this pic the braids had slipped back a bit. I'm also starting to feel that the wig is too dark for Leia, it might actually be time to invest in a wig that is a bit lighter. I'd say this colour is closer to Padmé than to Leia.

After Leia it was time to quickly change into Amidala for the second parade. I also helped the nephew into his costume.

And there we are costuming together! I really enjoyed bringing him to troop with me, so I hope liked it enough so that he wants to have a costume of his own. If you saw my post about the Amidala make up you also saw that I had changed my headpiece. The new headpiece is the reason for the veil not staying exactly where it should, but it was so nice being able to troop without getting a headache. This is probably the most fun I've had in my Amidala. The reason why I brought the Amidala is that I finally had the chance to go together with a handmaiden, since Lora had come up from Denmark and brought her handmaiden costume with her.

We also took this pure Episode I photo.

After this parade we once again decided to make some fun photos. First it was the Rebels only group photo.
In this photo we actually have members, and younglings, from all four countries of the Nordic Base. Then it was family photo time, and with family we of course meant the Skywalker family, including the family dog and mummy's body double.
The Skywalker family, so happy together

The con was finished off with a mother-daughter selfie

And then it was just about time to undress and pack all things back into the bags and drive back. I actually manage to have all costumes in one large suitcase and the Endor backpack, it's great with a costume that includes a proper bag.

Next troop will be December 12-14 in Uppsala, to help gather money for Musikhjälpen. I'm not really sure what costumes I should bring, since it very much depends on the weather forecasts, it's outside. I'm guessing jawa and Endor Leia. I would love to wear the Endor trooper, but I feel that when you wear it out of context it looks too much like an actual soldier and people might misunderstand it.

The cutest and best costumer of the con goes to Cesar though. He didn't just have a great costume, made by his father, but had all the moves and actions down perfectly. Quite a few troopers got force choked by him during the con.

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