Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Christmas skirt

This Christmas I felt that I really wanted a big 1950's style skirt. It started when I went to a shop that usually carries a lot of 1950's inspired clothing. This time I didn't find anything though. I have a petticoat from that store though, but I hardly ever use it since I don't have any skirts that go over it. Also feeling the quality of the fabric of the dresses and skirts that they did have, I felt that I could make something myself that was just as good.

Off I went to the internet and ordered 4 meters of a red, plaid cotton. When it came I didn't want to cut into it, and having to deal with the patternmatching. I did what I had done for my sister's wedding skirt. I cut off 3,5 meters and boxpleated them into a waistband. I added a zipper and hemmed it.

the skirt over my petticoat
I'm very happy with the skirt, but not with the waistband. The wide waistband emphasizes my stomach over my waist and that doesn't feel flattering at all. I also managed to make the waistband a tiny bit too tight I could wear it, but I felt that it was too tight. That also made me feel big. I think I'm going to take off the waistband and make a new one, narrower and a bit bigger.

Me and my sister on Christmas Eve. I chose to wear the top over the waistband, rather than showing the waistband.

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