Monday, 4 May 2015

Edwardian May

So May will be a trip to the Edwardian era for me. Now that's not exactly an era that I have thought much about, but sometimes things just happen.

In February I got invited to be part of the celebrations when the Swedish national railway museum celebrates its 100th anniversary. They wanted people to come dressed in clothes from the period 1900-19115. I signed up, and then it was time to start thinking about how I could achieve the look.

What I have:
Late Victorian corset, made from TV110.
1895 skirt and petticoat
Foundation for a hat, only needs trimming.

 So with that I felt that I had the foundations, and I would go for an early look, about exactly the year 1900, before the S-bend silhouette was too dominant. The 1895 skirt is a silk and with a train, so a bit too fancy to use as a walking skirt, but my plan is to keep what I'm wearing on the upper part of the body quite simple, so that it evens out the fancy skirt.

What I need to make
Corset cover - the corset is an old party corset so it's colourful and I need something to cover it or else it will show through
Shirtwaist  - I have bought a nice embroidered cotton for this. The smart thing is that I have found a pattern that uses the same basic pattern for both the corset cover and the shirtwaist, so I can practice on the corset cover first.

 If I have time:
Belt - I want something to accentuate the waist.
I have the TV 493 - 1896 Plain bodice. I think it wouldn't be too hard to convert this into a jacket to wear over the shirtwaist. I have a deep purple fabric that I could use for that.
Chemise and drawers 

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