Monday, 25 May 2015

Swedish National Railway Museum anniversary

On Saturday the Swedish National Railway museum celebrated its 100th anniversary. I was happy enough to have been offered the opportunity to go there together with a group costumers dressed in fashion from the period 1900-1915.

I got up at six in order to get my hair ready. I had slept on pin curls the hole night, and it was amzing to see how they gave the hair volume when they were brushed out. I used a nylon kneesock that I filled some fabric scraps as a rad and put it at the front of my hairline, and then I just brushed the hair over the rat and pinned it in place at the back. The rat was a bit lopsided and it was hard to cover it all with my hair. Still when the hat was pinned in place on top of the hair it looked well enough.

I took the train, very suitable, Gävle. I got quite a few compliments while waiting at the station, and there were quite a few grandparents with their grandchildren on their way to the museum as well.
One thing that makes the Railway museum quite special is that they have a unique collection of actual working engines and cars. So from Gävle station to the museum itself they had one steam engine and one electrical engine serving as shuttles the whole day. During the day they drove a lot of different engines back and forth, the oldest one being from 1856,

It was also fun to see that a lot of people had dressed up in costume and showed up to the event.
This was a group of people who had also just showed up to have a pick-nick at the museum. I was also happy to run into Henrik and Anna, from Pilerud's Cosplay and Arty Anna Cosplay, who were there as steampunk fireman and chimney sweeper.

Happy early 20th century costumers, and a chimney sweeper
During the day we walked around, had a lot of people taking photos of us, especially when we were in a big group together.

Since it was at a railway museum, here is a picture of a steam engine.

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