Sunday, 17 May 2015

Some days off in the wilderness

On Wednesday I went up to the family cabin in the mountains. It's so wonderful and peaceful to be there, not the least because my phone operator doesn't have coverage so I'm impossible to reach when I get up there. It's still quite a lot of snow up there when come to the higher elevations.

Not a view from the cabin
 On Friday me and my mother decided to go down to Idre, which is the closest locality. Going in to Idre it's also mandatory to stop by the local clothes and fabric shop.
This is a really fun shop. A house where one part is a clothes shop and one part is a home furnishing store. It's basically stacked from floor to ceiling with stuff so you have to search to find things. I don't always find stuff there, but when I do it's usually some clothes that people like because they don't like things both from H&M or other major retail stores. I did get some wadding from the fabric section, so I can make a bum pad to wear on Saturday.

As a costumer you also realise that you are not always after qualities that modern clothesmakers find good. I found a nice piece of blue fabric up on a stash, but too high for me to feel it. When I asked the assistant what it was she answered "it's a mix of polyester and acrylic, it's great because it falls nicely and doesn't wrinkle". Not the right answer for a person that only wants natural fibres.

Except for talking nice walks, but on the roads and out in the nature, and cooking (it's always so fun and challenging to cook where the nearest food store is 30 km away, so you need to make it work with what you have), I spent most of my days in this spot sewing on my 1900 shirtwaist (when not having the table laid for waffle eating).
I used the pattern for the bodice of my 1911 corset cover, but I added extra width to the front. The front was pleated to make it fit. For the sleeves I used the largest size from Truly Victorian 493 - simple bodice. It's a fitted two piece sleeve, but by cutting the largest size I got a bit of pouf up at the shoulder. I had to take in the sleeve at the wrists though. It's all handsewn, but I'm getting better and better with handsewing.
In order to finish the shirtwaist I need to sew a waist tape to keep it fitted, sew cuffs and a collar and add buttonholes and buttons.

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