Saturday, 30 May 2015

A kind of Edwardian hat

So at the Railway museum I wore quite a large hat. The thing with the hat is that I'm not too happy with the details of it, but the sum is larger than the parts and I just loved walking around this big hat, and I got quite a few compliments on it as well.

It all started with this hat, that I prepared at the hat making day earlier in April.
In the end I felt that I had cut down the crown too much, and it didn't feel very Edwardian, definitely more Georgian.

In the end I found a last remnant of tulle and piled it on top of the hat.
Then I covered the tulle with some silk habotai that I found in my stash. Then I went with the "more is more" approach and added the last tulle, some silk flowers that I usually have as decorations in my living room and some ostrich feathers.

The hat was held in place with some hat pins, but I need to practice putting them in a better position to really hold the hat steady. Still it stayed on the whole day, despite some gusts.

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