Wednesday, 13 May 2015

They're back!

For years I've oogled the American Duchess shoe shop, and of course followed her blog, knowing that one day I would buy a pair of her shoes. Already from the start I fell in love with the Kensington, and in particular the oxblood Kensingtons, but they've been sold out. Many times I've thought about maybe buying a pair of black Kensington, which would be a lot more practical, or maybe the ivory and dye them myself. Today I checked my facebook during breakfast and this was on my wall.
The Kensington is back in oxblood!

I'm so happy, and decided to buy them straight away. Now I can't wait, even if I'm always nervous about ordering shoes online.

I'm taking the rest of the week off though. Ascencion day is a holiday in Sweden, and I've taken the Friday off from work. I'm off to the mountains with my mother. I won't stay idle though, since I need to make the blouse for my 1900 outfit. I'm really looking forward to going up there, just sitting in the glazed veranda and relax and handsew for a couple of days.

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