Sunday, 8 July 2018

Late 15th century turban

The late 15th century had some really interesting headwear. I really like the turban style.

detail from the Birth of Mary, 1490-1510, Ansbach, Germany (Schwanenritteraltar, St. Gumbertus)

This is the style that I chose to wear during Tuna Ting, but maybe not quite as big and voluminous as in the pictures above.

It's necessary to have a really long piece of fabric to make this style. I butted my two 16th century veils together, to create one really long veil (3 m).

I braided my hair, starting the braids by the ears.

I pinned the braids in place on top.

I pinned the veil in place in the back, and started to twist it.

Then it's time to start placing the twist around the head. How hard you twist the veil determines how much volume you will have in your turban, I'm doing a fairly tight twist.

This is the full veil, three rounds around the head.

I use a few pins to secure the rounds of fabric to each other, and the last stump is hidden under the turban.

I prefer to wear it with just two rounds, and leave a long hanging tale to drape over the shoulder.

I can wear it as a scarf.

But I really like it when I can use the fabric as sun protection for my neck and bust.

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